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Specialised solutions for all your access challenges

Working within the Enforcement, Liquidation and NDE Warrant sectors can be stressful enough without the added hurdle of gaining entry to premises.

As the only company that specialises in the Legal and Financial industries, we’re trained to deal with the unique access challenges that you come up against every day on the job.

Maximise operational efficiency to save time and money

We understand the appeal of training staff as locksmiths, but employees in these sectors, such as bailiffs and warrant managers, often face more difficult entry challenges.

Adapting to the continual changes in the locksmithing industry also demands regular training that would keep them away from their main responsibilities. Ultimately, your staff will likely face regular delays that needlessly waste time and money.

By trusting external professionals with both residential and commercial experience, you have access to the latest industry knowledge, techniques, and equipment, so you can focus on your core business operation.

Get hassle-free access to ANY premises, EVERY time!

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Shutter Bypass & Access Control Training

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Regulated Locksmiths for Regulated Industries

The financial and legal sectors are highly regulated, yet many of the businesses they use for their locksmith needs are not. This leads to security vulnerabilities, compliance risks, and operational disruptions, highlighting the critical need for an accredited locksmith partner with specialised expertise in navigating the unique challenges of these industries.

We hold several accreditations with regulatory bodies who conduct regular assessments to ensure we meet the relevant technical/safety standards and codes of practice for the work we carry out.

Reasons To Work With Us

Expert Locksmiths

We have over two decades of experience gaining access to both residential and commercial properties.

Access Control Specialists

When technology blocks your way, our locksmiths are trained to bypass electrical security systems.

Trained Dog Handlers

Our teams are trained to deal with the safe detention of dogs, to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

Shutter Specialists

We’re specifically equipped to access the growing numbers of shutters used on commercial properties.

Post-Entry Security

We can help alleviate the legal and ethical implications of forced entry by ensuring security post-access.

Reliability, simplicity, and excellence in every entry.

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